PHP Laravel Orbit Package- A Flat-File Database Driver For Laravel Eloquent

In this article, we are talking about the PHP laravel Orbit Package that provides A Flat-File Database Driver For Laravel Eloquent,
It allows you to replace your common database with real files that you can handle easily with the known methods.


PHP Versions:>= 7.4
Supported Laravel Versions: >= 8.x


composer require ryangjchandler/orbit

To use Orbit You need to add a trait in your model by Like this

The orbit is responsible to handle all the laravel eloquent interaction.

And also you need to define different pieces of data that you want in the orbit model For that, you need to add a public static function schema(Blueprint $table) method in your model.

Now you are ready to use Orbit Flat-File Database Driver

By default, all orbit file content is stored inside of a content folder in the application root. If you wish to change the path you can change in orbit.php file

Orbit support following file drive

  • md -> Orbit\Drivers\Markdown
  • json -> Orbit\Drivers\Json
  • yaml -> Orbit\Drivers\Yaml
  • md_json -> Orbit\Drivers\MarkdownJson

After storing data this is how the file looks like

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