How To Install PHP Laravel Applications

Why Laravel?

  • Laravel gives you version control system that helps with simplified management of migrations
  • Laravel Support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer
  • composer based dependency manager
  • Laravel Support for Eloquent ORM, the advanced ActiveRecord implementation for working on DB
  • Laravel gives features like blade templating engine
  • Laravel Has great documentation also has large community support
  • Laravel provide you Easy Integration with third-party libraries
  • Laravel has built-in support for fast, distributed cache systems like Redis, horizontal scaling with Laravel is a breeze. Laravel applications have been easily scaled to handle hundreds of millions of requests per month.

Laravel Installation

Steps to install laravel application

  1. you can install laravel application by using curl
  2. you can install laravel application by using composer

STEP 1: curl -s | bash

STEP 2: composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

Basic Configuration

setup database in .env file that exists at the root of your application if not create new .env file

and run php artisan serve command in terminal

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