How to install PhpMyAdmin In web-server Or LocalHost

In This we discussing how to install phpMyAdmin on web-server. phpMyAdmin is used to managing your databases. All web-server already include phpMyAdmin in cPanel. However, if you don’t have an access of cPanel and you want to access the database using phpMyAdmin then you can install phpMyAdmin using bellow steps

How to install phpMyAdmin manually

  • Go to, and then click Download.
  • Download the .zip file and upload the .zip file to your project root  directory.
  • Unzip uploaded .zip file.
  • After the Unzip finishes. The files are extracted into a project root directory with a name like phpMyAdmin-*.*.*.*-all-languages.
  • To use a more user-friendly directory name, you can rename your directory name.
  • And Last go to the directory name you specified in above step (Eg: if domain name is, and the directory name is phpMyAdmin, then you can go to
  • The phpMyAdmin login page appears.

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