Difference Between FireBase, MySQL And SQLite Database

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FireBase MySQL SQLite
FireBase It’s a cloud service Also FireBase is a NoSQL database. In FireBase Data stored/processed in a cloud.MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS).SQLite is local database on Android device (data stored/processed on a device) with SQL interface.
FireBase is suitable for real time applications.MySQL mostly used for relational data and transactions.Today several browser ,operating system and embedded systems use SQLite its a most deployed database engine.
Firebase is owned by GoogleMySQL It’s open sourceSQLite is in the public domain Its a free for use for any purpose
Firebase is only available on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)MySQL install it anywhere and several cloud providers support managed version of itSQLite is file-based — the database consists of a single file on the disk, which makes it extremely portable and reliable.

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