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PHP – Laravel Auto Routes

In this article, we are talking about laravel auto routes packages, if you really like Laravel’s built-in routing definitions then definitely you like this Auto Routes  Package. Let’s take a look at this package in more deep When we defined the laravel route like this Then Laravel resource routing assigns the typical “create”, “read”, “update”,

How To Install PHP Laravel Applications

Why Laravel? Laravel gives you version control system that helps with simplified management of migrations Laravel Support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer composer based dependency manager Laravel Support for Eloquent ORM, the advanced ActiveRecord implementation for working on DB Laravel gives features like blade templating engine Laravel Has great documentation also has large community support Laravel

How to install PhpMyAdmin In web-server Or LocalHost

In This we discussing how to install phpMyAdmin on web-server. phpMyAdmin is used to managing your databases. All web-server already include phpMyAdmin in cPanel. However, if you don’t have an access of cPanel and you want to access the database using phpMyAdmin then you can install phpMyAdmin using bellow steps How to install phpMyAdmin manually Go

External URL Screenshot Using PHP And Pagespeedapi

In this post we discussing about how to take screenshot using php and for that we are going to using google pagespeedapi  . Google PageSeed API Is Free and it can be obtained via Google. No need of google account before you started . So lets take look at API HTTP request : Request Parameter:url

Create Google Calendar Event Using PHP

Google Calendar is scheduling service provided by Google. You can use google calendar API to create, modified, delete, list the event of current user calendar. To create Google Calendar Event we need follow below step Create Application in Google Developer Console. How to create application check the post. click here After creating application download credential

How to use redis in laravel-PHP

Introduction: Redis is mostly used to cache data that a web-server needs. why need cache data, because in some point users of our product increase rapidly. That means we need to handle large database, large audience interaction, more response time and that obviously large costs. to handle such situation we use caching What is caching

How to add watermark to existing PDF using php

Let us discuss about How to add watermark to existing PDF using php First you need to install FPDI library(using composer) OR download from git After that create a create a index.html and pdf.php File in your root directory Copy Bellow code in index.html File Index.html pdf.php How to install FPDI library using composer Last do:

Google Login API Integration Using PHP

This quick-start sample login is built in PHP and lets you get started with the Google+ platform in a few minutes. The app demonstrates: Demo Link Click Here… some time we need simple login like other website that can login through google, Facebook and LinkedIn so for that type we need to integrate API’s. so

Patterns Programs In PHP

To day we will print different logical Patterns in php Lets start our first patter start from basic triangles, Perfect tutorial for be-gainer who want to improve there logical skill, and this tutorial also help you in interview 1) Patter of multiple triangles 2) Pyramid Pattern 3) Square border pattern 4) Square pattern 5) Triangle

Encrypt And Decrypt Form Data Using PHP Ajax

how to submit encrypted form data using ajax and decrypt data to the server-side using PHP. Before start to the tutorial, we need some extra file link to get this file is here Click Here encryption.js encryption.php CryptoJS.js Once you get this file just follow the bellow code Index.php post.php Ok That’s it once you