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Stripe payment gateway integration using php and stripe.js

Before going to start we need stripe account with publishable key and secret key. Stripe test mode start with prefix “sk_test” and live mode start with prefix “sk_live“. How to setup recurring payment method: Create Stripe Customer Method: 2 Create Stripe Plan Method 3) Create Stripe Subscription Method KEY VALUE Publishable pk_test_LBzcjdjdsd6673jdsjdew343ncnnch34h Secret sk_test_gaYrer3344edsdsoRfnyUZU00qmMfl3lF Now let’s

How To Integrate ICICI EazyPay Payment Gateway In Website Using PHP

What Is ICICI EazyPay? ICICI Bank EazyPay Provided secure payment in India. It enables to collect money from customers through multiple payment modes. Before start to integration of ICICI EazyPay Payment Geteway You Need To Follow Bellow Flow Structure For Merchant. Enterpriser have to registered in EazyPay as Category “PG” Enterpriser have to registered with