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How to install PhpMyAdmin In web-server Or LocalHost

In This we discussing how to install phpMyAdmin on web-server. phpMyAdmin is used to managing your databases. All web-server already include phpMyAdmin in cPanel. However, if you don’t have an access of cPanel and you want to access the database using phpMyAdmin then you can install phpMyAdmin using bellow steps How to install phpMyAdmin manually Go

How to use redis in laravel-PHP

Introduction: Redis is mostly used to cache data that a web-server needs. why need cache data, because in some point users of our product increase rapidly. That means we need to handle large database, large audience interaction, more response time and that obviously large costs. to handle such situation we use caching What is caching

What is Database normalization in MYSQL/SQL?

1. Introduction a. Normalization is a step by step decomposition of complex records into simple records. b. Normalization results in tables that satisfy some constraints and are simple represented in a manner. c. This process is also called as canonical process synthesis. d. This is a relation database design process to avoid data redundancy by applying some constraints on data to avoid various data anomalies. e. Eg. If some information is repeated in multiple tables of database the there are chances that these tables will not be consistent in case of data updation, insertion or deletion. This instance may lead to problems of data integrity. 2. Definition

Difference Between FireBase, MySQL And SQLite Database

If Any Suggestion or Questions comment bellow FireBase MySQL SQLite FireBase It’s a cloud service Also FireBase is a NoSQL database. In FireBase Data stored/processed in a cloud. MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). SQLite is local database on Android device (data stored/processed on a device) with SQL interface. FireBase is suitable for