How To Create FedEx Web Services Testing Environment

The process of integration is to Integrate your application with FedEx Test server first, with the Test credentials (i.e. Test Meter Number,
Test Account Number, Test Key, Test Password). The sample codes and other necessary details for FedEx  API integration are available in Development Research Center (DRC)

Remember that the Test account number is completely different from your 9 digit valid FedEx business account. Once you will get the Test label you have to follow the below steps to get the label approved by FedEx integrator consultant.

1.   Make a shipment on test environment and send the label via email to FedEx, if possible with the serialized request and reply that you used to make this label. If you are also planning to make MPS(Multiple Pieces Shipment) shipments, please send to the FedEx an example of a single and a multiple piece shipment. These labels will be validated to check whether all mandatory information are available on the label.

2.   When this is done, the production credentials (if already created) can be enabled for advanced services (ship service, pickup service etc.).

Again they will ask you to send some example labels. These labels will be test scanned by FedEx scanning devices. If this validation is done & ok, you are ready to start shipping with FedEx using FedEx web services.

How to get started with FedEx- API

To start the work on a FedEx Web Services project, need to obtain a credentials ( password, key,
account and meter ), which allow you to test and release your FedEx Web Services solution.

2 kinds of credentials:

To obtain production credential the procedure is similar. Please follow the steps below:

  1. First create a FedEx Account.
  2. Go to the Developer Resource Center.

Note: If you don’t have a login, you can create by clicking on the “Register Now” link .
Login button. You do not require a FadedEx Express account number to create a user ID.

  1. Once logged in, please select the “FedEx Web Services” option on the left-hand column.
From here you will see two choices. If you need test credentials, select the “Develop and Test” option. If
you need production credentials, select the “Move to Production” option .

Test Credentials

** When requesting Test credentials select “US and Global” from the list as Country

Once successfully complete, the last page will contain your key with a other pieces of information.
Save your key for future reference.

For security reasons, your password will not be shown on this screen. it will be emailed to you via the email
address you provided in the registration form. You will need all 4 pieces of information ( Password, Key, Account
Number and Meter Number) in order to work with any FedEx Web Services.

Technical Help for FedEx Web Services

  • Find up-to-date documentation on FedEx Web Services through an online, searchable Downloads and release notes.And Download WSDL files and sample code in four different languages: Java,
  • C#, PHP, and VB.Net. Available at FedEx Developer center

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